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Fundamentals Of Family Law


There's no other topic that touches the human heart the way family does. Whether it be two lovers that settled down or having an extended family that gets along like bread and butter, everything is going on ever so smoothly. But if one thing goes bad, things go downhill very fast. It is quite rare for these types of fiascos to resolve without any third party involvement. So it is mostly a very wise idea to seek legal counseling from an experienced Maples Family Law attorney such as the attorneys from Maples Family Law and many more.


Family law at www.maplesfamilylaw.com is a general classification of multiple areas of domestic relations that is covered by legal practices. This encompasses various issues and topics such as marriage, divorce, adoption, surrogacy and many many more. Here below are a few things which law gives emphasizes.


Marriage - Marriage is not as simple as one might think, it is not just a holy sacrament two individuals participate in to start a family but it is a contract bound by law as well. The contract states that the two individuals are bound by law and are in agreement to share everything they own in their lives such as debts, finances, parenting responsibilities and properties. Some opt for a prenuptial agreement, this is a precautionary measure which states how assets and properties are divided beforehand if every the marriage doesn't last.


Marriage dissolution - As horrible sounding as it is, Almost half of marriages end in divorce in the US. Thus, a system of laws that govern the complications that will surely arise such as division of assets and properties, alimony, child support, and custody exists. A marriage can be dissolved in two ways: divorce and annulment. An annulment works as if the marriage never even happened and that it is null and void. A divorce cancels the bond of matrimony and all legal obligations, this serves as a termination of the contract.


Child Issues - The lives of children involved have the possibility of being greatly affected by either due to a marriage ending or the beginning. Issues like child support, custody, paternity, abuse, adoption, and foster care. For more facts and information about Family Law, go to http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/attorney.


How child support works is that in the event of a divorce One parent keeps the child the other parent that doesn't keep the child has to pay his financial responsibilities to support the child namely the custodial parent and non-custodial parent respectively. There are child support departments of service for this like the san joaquin child support and many more.